AeroWeather for Android

Current and precise weather conditions (METAR) and forecasts (TAF). Now also for Android.


  • Raw and decoded METAR/TAF data
  • Data caching for offline access
  • Built-in airports database
  • Additional airport information like sunrise/sunset, twilight, moon phase, station location/elevation, AWOS Data (US airports), timezone, and daylight saving adjustment


  • Nearby stations group
  • Runway display with wind components *
  • Use Groups to organise your stations *
  • Various settings for formats and units
  • Map view
  • Widget *
  • Data sharing  and printing (raw and decoded)
  • Calculates pressure altitude and density altitude
  • Dark mode user interface *
  • Import/Export groups (also from/to iOS versions) *

* Single one-time in-app purchase for additional functionality.

Get weather in your language

AeroWeather for Android is localized in English, French, German, Italian, RussianPortuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish.


French by Patrick Scheidegger
Italian by Alberto Antonini, PJ Lansbergen a.k.a. Gran Maestro
Portuguese (Brazilian) by Vinicius Ayres de Araujo (Comanche – 183.599)
Spanish by Alejandro Radina

Luca Giraldi
Erik Jeddere-Fisher
Bill Griffith
Davide Pernici
Tiago Romão


We are committed to provide professional and reliable services, however, AeroWeather for Android is not for operational or navigational use. Do not rely on this application for flight planning. Data decoding might be wrong due to malformatted METAR/TAF. The data presented carries no guarantee whatsoever as to accuracy and/or completeness.

Lakehorn AG will not be liable nor responsible for any resulting damage caused by using this application.

AeroWeather uses weather data from freely available US NOAA, US FAA and other services, which cannot be guaranteed. Costs for AeroWeather are for creation of the apps and backend-services, and not to pay for any weather data. There are no additional charges for freely available weather data sources. There might be in-app purchases for additional weather data in future for which we have to pay as well.

Get AeroWeather for free today

Requires Android 5.0 or higher. Available as free download.
*One-time in-app purchases for additional functionality.