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Shows aircraft traffic from your ADS-B receiver (supporting GDL 90)

Requires iOS 13.0 or higher and a GDL 90 compatible ADS-B Receiver. Available for iPhone and iPad.

Receives and displays aircraft traffic data on map from ADS-B receivers (e.g., Stratux) which support GDL 90 protocol output).
Expects GDL 90 data to be sent to port 4000 via UDP (which is usually standard; but can be changed in the app). Works entirely independent from internet connection (except for Apple map data; simple built-in map can be used instead) and with ADS-B receiver only.

It also includes an attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) including airspeed, altitude, and heading as well as display of METAR/TAF (one-time unlock necessary).

The map display can be customized in different ways:

  • Use top corner buttons to:
    • configure aircraft data (altitude, callsign, climb rate, or speed)
    • show distance rings (10, 20, 40 NM)
    • change map type (Apple map or simple built-in offline map)
    • tap on location button to toggle between tracking and none-tracking
  • Tap on bottom right legend plate to toggle between speed and altitude
  • Display of surrounding airports

The top center view shows own aircraft’s speed, track, and altitude. It also show number of satellites seen and used for tracking.

Unlock Data/Functionality

(available in Status > Settings)

AHRS and weather data can be displayed thru one-time unlock purchase. Currently supported are METAR and TAF. Additional airport data like runways, AWOS is also available thru built-in database (no Internet access required).

NOTE: weather data is available in areas with ADS-B data coverage. Please check before purchase, otherwise no weather will be shown.

Version History

V 1.3.6 – 17-DEC-2023

  • Minor internal improvements
  • Updated airport database (2023-11-30)

V 1.3.5 – 14-JUL-2023

  • Added option to manually configure IP address for Stratux devices
  • Internal optimizations (e.g., improved connectivity)
  • Updated airport database (2023-07-13)

V 1.3.4 – 15-JUN-2023

  • Improved communications data (airport frequencies and AWOS)
  • Internal optimizations
  • Updated airport database (2023-06-15)

V 1.3.3 – 29-DEC-2022

  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor METAR/TAF decoder improvements
  • Updated airport database (2022-12-29)

V 1.3.2 – 16-AUG-2022

  • Minor improvements (AHRS update rate, ADS-B device detection; GPS accuracy indicator)
  • Minor layout improvements
  • Updated airport database (2022-08-11)

V 1.3.1 – 27-JUN-2022

  • Added slip/skid indicator in AHRS
  • Improved display of traffic on map when no own position is available
  • Minor improvements in settings
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Updated airport database (2022-06-16)

V 1.3 – 10-MAR-2022

  • Added AHRS display including altitude, airspeed, and heading (as part of one-time unlock)
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Updated airport database (2022-02-24)

V 1.2.3 – 27-JAN-2022

  • Added connection to pre-defined WiFi network name at app startup (in preferences)
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Updated airport database (2022-01-27)

V 1.2.2 – 04-DEC-2021

  • Added disabled screen-lock option
  • Minor bug fixing (e.g., removed control characters in METAR/TAF, improved connectivity handling)
  • Updated airport database

V 1.2.1 – 13-OCT-2021

  • Added airports layer on map with additiAdded customizable UDP port in settings
  • iOS 15 adaptations
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Updated airport database

V 1.2 – 19-AUG-2021

  • Added airports layer on map with additional information (e.g., runways, AWOS) surrounding current position
  • Added import and display of METAR/TAF data from ADS-B data feed (available in regions with ADS-B data coverage only; requires one-time unlock)

V 1.1 – 19-JUL-2021

  • Added customizable aircraft data for annotations
  • Added optional distance rings and scale in map view
  • Minor decoder improvements
  • Minor layout changes

V 1.0 – 11-MAY-2021

  • Initial Version