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AeroWeather Menu Bar (macOS)

A simple and clean AeroWeather version for your Mac. Shows METAR and TAF in the well known AeroWeather layout from iPhone and iPad. Quickly access your favorite airport weather on your Mac.

Requires macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or higher.

If you have bought AeroWeather Pro on any iOS device and own a M1 (or newer) Mac you might want to get AeroWeather Pro as a complimentary download instead (download it in the Mac App Store).


  • Menu bar application for fast access (Menulet)
  • Menu bar display optionally rotates through list
  • Customizable menu bar (airport identifier with either flight rules, temperature, or wind)
  • Notification center widgets for raw format (requires macOS 13)
  • Sortable list (by user-defined, name, ICAO, IATA, country) of airports in well known AeroWeather layout (with raw or decoded METAR)
  • Detail view with METAR, TAF (raw or decoded), and station information
  • Read out of METAR (similar to ATIS) when swiping a station in list to the right (English voice only)
  • Calculates presssure altitude, density altitude, and windchill or heat index
  • AWOS data for US airports (where available) with phone support (either via Skype or connected iPhone)
  • Customizable formats and units
  • Sharing of METAR/TAF via E-Mail (raw and decoded, Messages etc.
  • Printing of METAR/TAF (raw and decoded) for selected airport
  • Export and (limited*) import of stations (from/to iOS version)
  • Today Widget (shows airport which is marked as favorite); this is only available until macOS Catalina (10.15)
  • Dark mode support
  • Available in Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swedish

* for backup files from iOS only the first group will be imported. A group from iOS can either replace the existing list or be append to the existing list.


AeroWeather Menu Bar Frequently Asked Questions

> How to add stations?
Click on the + button (top left). Select one or many station(s) in the airport browser and drag them in the station list (upper part of the window). It’s also possible to add an airport by double-clicking it.

> How to remove stations from the list?
Select one or multiple stations and click on the – button (top left).

> The menu bar doesn’t show any weather data.
Make sure you have set a station as favorite by clicking on the “star” button (right above the detail view on the left side) and that in settings the appropriate menu bar style is selected.

> How set/change the station in the widget (macOS Ventura and higher) ?
Click on “Edit Widgets” in Notification Center and then add a AeroWeather widget. While in “editing” mode click on the added widget to change its station. When not in “editing” mode do control-key click to get to the configuration view.

> How set/change the station in the widget (macOS Catalina and earlier) ?
Set a favorite station as described above (star button). Currently only one station can be shown in the today widget. The widget uses the same airport as is shown in the menu bar. The today widget runs independently of the AeroWeather app. The app does not have to be open in order to use the widget.

> Why are not all features from AeroWeather on iOS implemented?
Due to the nature of the app (menu bar app) space is limited. However, more features will be added in future updates.

> How often are METAR/TAF updated?
Data is updated every ten minutes. You can manually update any time with refresh button (bottom left button).

> Can I transfer my stations from the iOS version of AeroWeather?
Yes, this is possible. The entire list can be exported as a group to iOS AeroWeather Pro. For backup files from iOS AeroWeather Pro only the first group will be imported. A group from iOS can either replace the existing list or be append to the existing list. Import/Export can also be used to just make a backup on the Mac version.

Further Information

Credits Translations

Chinese by 邵大海
Danish by Jacob Olsen
Dutch by Marcel Lindenbergh
Finnish by Mika Hissa, Matti Karjalainen
French by Patrick Scheidegger
Italian by Alberto Antonini, PJ Lansbergen a.k.a. Gran Maestro
Japanese by 寺島千晶
Norwegian by Leif Eirik Skaue
Polish by Marcin Leszczuk
Portuguese (Brazilian) by Vinicius Ayres de Araujo (Comanche – 183.599) based on version by Marcello Marques Loriato (LTO)
Spanish by Alejandro Radina
Swedish by Bengt Bergholm