PixCompare for Mac


Using PixCompare, you can compare picture files to search for duplicates or similar pictures in a large collection of picture files and folders. It works on JPEG, PNG, GIF, and most RAW files.

PixCompare matches two pictures even when:

  • one of them is grayscale
  • they don’t have the same size / aspect ratio
  • the contrast / intensity is different
  • they have a different pixel-depth
  • and when one of them is blurred or rotated

You can search for similar pictures in a folder, or compare one picture to a folder of pictures. You can compare a maximum of 30.000 pictures. (100.000 pictures for one-to-folder search)

It works best on photographic pictures.

Available in english, french, japanese and german language for macOS 9 or higher.

Further Information

  PixCompare is also available for iOS.