AeroWeather update now includes Apple Watch app

Updated versions of AeroWeather Pro and Lite are available now at the App Store. AeroWeather Pro: added Apple Watch app (incl. Glance) which uses widget group to display stations on watch added new option to sort groups alphabetically changed settings: […]

New Lakehorn homepage

  The Lakehorn homepage got a refresh today, adding new content and features: A responsive design ensures proper display on all devices Separate pages for each product Support contact form and newsletter. Contact us for suggestions or leave a comment below!  

Update to PixCompare

New version V4.1.1 was posted today to the Mac App Store. Updates include: Improved performance on the comparison part of more than 2x Therefore increased limit of number of pictures to 30.000 – on a fast machine it takes about […]

PixVeew 2.0 adds contact sheet printing

New in this version: contact sheet printing: up to 108 pictures per page, lots of options to configure output unlimited contact sheet printing requires In-App upgrade to plus mode improvements to drag&drop and overall responsiveness Visit PixVeew Homepage

AeroWeather Lite 1.5.3 released

Version 1.5.3 (as of Apr 28th, 2015): Added: access to more Brazilian airports via Redemet; access to airport details and charts from iFlightplanner (US only) Bugfix: improved loading for METAR/TAF; flightrule indicator bug when ceiling was missing; minor bugs Data: […]