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Siri Shortcuts for METARs

    With Siri shortcuts you can request a METAR read-out (ATIS like) thru Siri. For example you would say “Hey Siri, METAR for Boston” to ask Siri to fetch, read, and display the METAR.

    For each airport you have to define the shortcut with an invocation phrase first.

    • AeroWeather Lite: go any station’s detail view and scroll down until you see “Add To Siri”.
    • AeroWeather Pro: go any station’s detail view and tap on the “Location tab. Then scroll down until you see “Add To Siri”.
    • Next you will see Apple’s standard view to record the invocation phrase. Tap on the red button and record what makes sense to you. e.g., “METAR for Boston”.
    • Tap on “Done” and the shortcut is set. Instead of “Add to Siri” you will see the invoctaion phrase. 

    In order to see all your defined shortcuts, go to “Settings > Siri Shortcuts”. There you can change the phrase or delete a shortcut (that also possible in the station’s detail view).