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Runway Wind Components

    Wind components are calculated based on the latest METAR. 

    Values on the left side show either speed of tailwind or headwind and the arrow indicates the direction of the wind. The color of the designators indicates whether there is headwind (green) or tailwind (red).

    Values on the right side show crosswinds. The direction arrow needs to be interpretd from the respective runway. In the example below it is from left for RWY 09 and from right for RWY 27.

    A windsocks indicates if there are gusts and wind components with gusts are additionally shown (after the /). 

    Example: RWY 09 has a headwind component of 2.9 kts (gusts 5.0 kts) and crosswind of 7.5 kts (gusts 13.1 kts) from left side.

    Last updated: November 10, 2017