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AeroWeather: Frequently Asked Questions

General / App Purchase

I bought an in-app (e.g., widget, alerts) product on the iPhone. Do I need to buy it again on my iPad?
No, all purchases done with the same Apple-ID can be used on all your devices. On your second device please go to “settings > unlock additional products” and then tap on “restore purchase” to have all previously bought products unlocked.

I purchased the app earlier and now it asks me to purchase it again when installing on another device.
The app can be installed without purchasing it again on any device logged-in with the same Apple ID as when to app was purchased. If this is true and it still asks to purchase the app again, please follow Apple’s recommendation (as developers can’t really help with App Store issues):

How should I respond to a customer who reports a downloading error for my app on the App Store?
If a customer reports any issues when downloading your app, direct them to iTunes Store Customer Support ( This allows the user to resolve the issue directly with the Customer Support team.
If the issue is related to your app and not the App Store or the customer’s account, you will be contacted separately by Apple.

How to request a refund?
It’s up to Apple, not individual developers, whether or not to give a refund for app or in-app purchases:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign-in with your Apple ID
  3. Click “Report a Problem” on the particular app
  4. Choose “Problem is not listed here” and be sure to mention that you are asking for a refund because the app doesn’t work as expected

How do I cancel my subscription?
If you have an active subscription, go to the “settings > unlock additional features” in the app, scroll to the bottom, and tap the “Manage Subscription” button. Then tap the AeroWeather row and the “Cancel Subscription” button.

Can I transfer in-app purchases from AeroWeather Lite to Pro or vice-versa?
No, this is not possible for unlock in-app purchases. However, a subscription purchased in Lite or Pro can be used in both versions. iCloud is required for automatic transfer of subscription.

Is there a version for Windows?
No, we currently support iOS and Android only.

Can I transfer the license between iOS and Android/Windows version?
No, this is not possible. You have to purchase the app on the other platforms.

Can I transfer my stations from iOS to Android/Windows or vice-versa?
This is planned.

iOS App – Usage

A previously used airport is suddenly not available anymore or can’t be added.
This might be an internal database problem. Go to “settings > general” and do a “reset database”. It should find the airport again after that (killing and re-starting app might be necessary).

A station always displays “data not available” only.
A few stations do not (or just during daytime) report data or US NOAA does not provide them. Please try to find another airport nearby. You may also subscribe to any premium plan, as it get data from more data sources and increases the reliability of data delivery.

I set METAR history to x hours, but it still just shows the latest METAR.
In the station’s detail view is a 3-bar button left to “raw | decoded” control. It’s used to toggle between latest and user-defined hours of METARs back.

Data loads when connected to WiFi but does not when using 3G/4G/5G?
Usually when users have this problem, mobile data setting for AeroWeather was not enabled. On the device’s settings go to “Mobile Data” and scroll down until you see AeroWeather and switch it on.

How can I add a station/airport which is currently not in the app?
We try to continuously add more stations. If an airfield is missing don’t hesitate to simply mail it to us. As METAR/TAF data primarily comes from US NOAA AviationWeather, we check first if data is available.

Backup file attachment in e-mail does not open in AeroWeather (just shows text).
Tap longer on the file icon until a chooser will come up and shows possible apps to import the data. Choose AeroWeather icon to load your backup into the app. Another option is to tap on the share button (top right corner) to get to the import app chooser.

How do I add stations to the widget (in notification center) or Apple Watch?
First tap on the ooo-button (bottom left) and then select the “Widget” or “Apple Watch” group (so it has a checkmark to the left). Then go back and add airports in that newly created group. If you don’t want to see the group in the main list simply uncheck it on the group configuration page. The station will still be available in the widget or on the Apple Watch. Stations can also added directly in the watch app.

iOS App – Crashes

The app crashes at startup or quits right after startup.
As a first step: Go to iPhone/iPad Settings and choose “AeroWeather”, and switch on “Recover App”. Next, remove the App from memory with a double-tap on the home button and then swipe the app window to the top. Now open the app again.

If the problem still exist after the first step you might have to re-install AeroWeather: To delete AeroWeather from your iPad press the home button below the screen and hold it for a few seconds. AeroWeather  (and all the other App icons on the screen) will start to wobble gently, and a small cross will appear in a grey circle by each. Tap the cross from AeroWeather and confirm that you want to delete the app. Download it again from the AppStore and then (if you have previously bought any in-app purchases) do „Restore Purchase“ again.

The application crashes while using it.
This can happen when the METAR/TAF of a station is really malformatted (which unfortunately does happen). If possible, mail us the METAR/TAF or at least the ICAO codes/stations names so we can enhance the parsing process (you may want to get the raw data directly at US NOAA AviationWeather).

iOS App – Settings

Application uses wrong language.
The app language can be changed in “Settings > General”. The app needs to be killed (double tap home button and swipe AeroWeather window to the top) and started again in order for the change to become into effect.

The wind direction arrow points in the wrong direction.
You can set the wind direction arrow to “from” or “to” in the option menu “Format”.

How to display IATA instead of ICAO location indicators.
You can set the appropriate type of location indicator  in the option menu “Format”, which will be used throughout the app.

Apple Watch App (Pro only)

There are no stations in visible in on the Watch app.
As of version 2.0 there is a dedicated group called Apple Watch (if not visible in the group list, tap on the three-dot button and select the group). Simply add stations to this group and they will appear on the watch.

In earlier versions, go to settings and enable the Today Widget and Apple Watch feature. Then add stations to the automatically created Widget group.

Is it possible to refresh data manually?
Yes. Below the station list, there is a refresh data button. Normally, data is refreshed whenever you open the app.

How to change between iPhone list and nearby station list?
In the Watch app you can choose between iPhone list and nearbymode by applying a “long press” on the display. When chosing iPhone list all stations defined in the above mentioned Watch group will be shown. Nearby will first acquire the current position and display close-by stations.

The flight rule indicator color is not as it is supposed to be.
Many watch faces allow the user to choose a multi-color scheme. This will show the flightrule indicator with its true colors. However, by selecting a single color scheme, the indicator will always have the chosen color (flightrule texts change of course).

Apple Watch Complication (Pro only)

Complication data does not update.
When you see the list of stations, use the refresh data button. Data will be loaded and the scheduler should pick up again regular background loading. Apple Watch stops background networking when iPhone is in Low Power mode thus data will not be updated anymore. Once the Low Power mode is disabled, data should start loading automatically again.

Please note the following regarding complication and updates

  • Refreshing the watch complications is managed by watchOS and usually occurs every 30-90 minutes. Required is a good connection to the internet.
  • AeroWeather app has no influence over when watchOS refreshes the complications, as that depends on available resources on the watch. Usually, updates should happen shortly after a new metar is available, but that does not mean that the refresh will actually be executed by watchOS.
  • The more you work with your watch and with the AeroWeather app, the more reliable complications get refreshed.
  • If the battery of the Apple Watch is almost empty, watchOS stops refreshing complication data until the battery is charged again.
  • Refreshes of the complications will stop if the AeroWeather App is killed. To restart refreshing of the complication data, just open the AeroWeather app, after that, regular refreshes will commence.

The complication shows an ‘X’ and/or ‘not set’ only? (for versions up to 3.5 only)
While in versions before 2.0 the Watch always used the first station in the iPhone list as complication station, it’s now possible to use any station shown on the Watch to be set as complications station. Go to a detail view of any station on the Watch, at the end of the page, you’ll find a button to set the station for the complication.

NOTAM (Pro only)

For US airport NOTAMs are sometimes for example “10 of 12” NOTAMS shown. Why?
This is related to the format how the app gets data from US FAA. Some airports in the US issued NOTAMs in domestic and ICAO format. Smaller airports just do domestic formats. In the “worst” case each NOTAM will be available twice (in US and ICAO format), but sometimes just a couple are available twice. The filter settings “Format” helps to shown just one NOTAM (either in ICAO or US format). If a NOTAM is just available in one format it will be shown independent of its format.

What does the striped (white/red) bar indicate?
The striped (white/red) bar indicates an expired NOTAM (according to it’s date field). When data is loaded from server again these NOTAMs will be removed automatically.

Alert Notifications

I can not add alerts in the Alert group.
The Alert group in the main list just gives you an overview of all defined alerts grouped by stations. It’s not possible to create alerts there, however, alerts can be deleted and enabled/disabled. In AeroWeather Pro go to any station detail page and then tap on “Location” (center bottom). When scrolling down you’ll see the alerts. In AeroWeather Lite go to any station detail page and scroll down.

Cloud Synchronisation (Pro only)

Cloud Synchronisation doesn’t work on another device
Please make sure that your other device is logged-in with an AppleID. Second, iCloudDrive (device settings > very first option with name > iCloud > iCloud Drive) needs to be enabled in order to work.