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NOTAM Indicators

    With the latest release of AeroWeather Pro we have unified the NOTAM layout on AeroWeather Pro and AeroNOTAM. 

    The two indicators next to the VFR/IFR symbols might not be that well known:

    NOTAM Scope (yellow or blue): 

    The upper indicator’s possible values are A, E, W, K.

    W (always in yellow) stands for navigational warning and is usually for FIR NOTAMs. If it’s blue you’ll see E (En-Route Information), A (Aerodrome) or a combination (e.g., AW, AE).

    NOTAM Purpose (gray): 

    The lower indicator’s possible values are N, B, O, M, or combinations.

    N = NOTAM selected for the immediate attention to aircraft operators. O = Operationally significant NOTAM. B = NOTAM selected for PIB (Pre-Flight Information Bulletin) entry. M = NOTAM contains miscellaneous information and will not appear in PIB, unless specifically requested.

    The value K can appear in both indicators and referrs to a checklist NOTAM.

    Last updated: October 11, 2016