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METAR Plot Widget explained

Cloud Coverage uses these icons for display.

Missing is reported whenever there is no valid information on cloud coverage. OVX is reported when the sky is obscured, but cloud information is missing. OVX is also used when vertical visibility (VV) is reported.

Wind barbs show the direction from where the wind is originating. The strength is visualised in 5 knot increments and always rounded to the next higher value. Gusts are overlaid in red when available.

Note: Winds higher than 99 knots are displayed in red text instead of a barb.

Find more information about wind barbs on Wikipedia.

Present Weather symbols use standard WMO icons. See some of the more common icons used.

For a full list of possible icons, see the Present Weather Symbols overview PDF.


Ceiling is only reported if BKN or OVC. It will be displayed as in the original METAR source, e.g. 007 = 700 feet.

Temperature, visibility, and pressure are reported in the units defined by the user.