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Ten years AeroWeather Sweepstakes

The sweepstakes have ended.

The winners of the prizes are: @mstk_on, @lanceanz, @Crispyrat, @MG_33, @Car85R, @PaulW_1

Celebrate with us – 10 years AeroWeather!

The first iOS version of AeroWeather was published on the AppStore on August 13th 2008, just a month after the introduction of the store by Apple!

Since then it was continuously improved and new versions were added for all devices that Apple released throughout the years:

  • 2010: Pro version with even more features
  • 2011: First version to properly support the iPad
  • 2015: Support for the Apple Watch
  • 2016: Menu Widget AeroWeather for macOS
  • 2017: Major redesign of both AeroWeather Lite and Pro

A chance to win prices from Switzerland

As our company is based in Switzerland, we decided to give away some iconic Swiss products:

  • First price: One original Swatch with an aviation theme.
  • 2. – 6. price: Each one original Victorinx pocket knife. (Blade smaller than 60mm – so you can get it through security checks when flying!)