AeroAltitude calculates pressure altitude (PA) and density altitude (DA) either from user data inputs or automatically by using built-in GPS, built-in barometer*, and METAR** of airports.

Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 9.0 or higher.
App Watch App requires watchOS 3.0 or higher.





There are three simple views/modes to page through by swiping horizontally.

  1. GPS/Manual: let the GPS and barometer get current altitude and QNH, and just enter temperature to get PA/DA. This might be useful for en-route. Or alternatively enter all three parameters manually to calculate PA/DA for any position. This mode uses a simplified calculation without dew point. However, if you also enter a value in the dew point field, the more precise formula will be used instead.
  2. Single airport: select an airport from the built-in database and get its altitude calculations as well as METAR data.
  3. Airport list: add all your favorite airports into a list and get their current PA/DA calculations nicely listed.

A warning symbol is displayed when a DA is at higher than 20% of the airport’s altitude.

The app also comes with a widget that shows PA/DA of the closest 5 airports of your current position.

Overview of features

  • PA/DA/QNH calculation for current position using GPS and barometer*
  • PA/DA calculation based on user inputs for altitude, QNH, and temperature
  • PA/DA calculation of any airports from the built-in airport database (incl. METAR display)**
  • Includes watch app to display DA at current position ***
  • User definable list of airports showing PA/DA calculation**
  • Today widget with PA/DA for five close-by airports**
  • Sharing data via mail, message, etc.
  • All units are customizable

* Built-in barometer is available in iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro
** Internet connection required
*** iPhone 6 or newer required, watchOS 3 or higher

AeroAltitude uses  the free available Aviation Digital Data Service from US NOAA to get METAR data.

For more information about density altitude check out: SKYbrary, US NOAA

Apple Watch App

Current position and QNH are automatically transmitted from the iPhone to the watch. Only the current outside air temperature (OAT) needs to be set on the watch by using the digital crown.

Make sure that AeroAltitude is running on your iPhone with GPS mode/view on. An error message will be shown on the watch, if AeroAltitude is not running in foreground. The blinking dot next to the QNH label indicates barometer feed from the iPhone. Unfortunately this is necessary as the barometer is not directly accessible in the Apple Watch.


Version History

V1.1 – 29-Mar-2017

  • Added Apple Watch app to display density altitude at current position (iPhone 6 or newer required)
  • Added optional dew point field in GPS/Manual mode
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Updated airport database
  • Changed app icon


V1.0 – 10-Jan-2017

  • Initial Release